Sintonia before the refurbishment

A Penthouse in Montevideo

Over a number of nights in various bars, we pondered the problems of keeping all of one’s financial eggs in a single basket, and the rather scary train-wreck that was almost certainly coming to the world’s financial systems.

In an attempt to avoid being wiped out when it all hit the fan, we decided to investigate the possibility of purchasing a number of low-cost properties around the world. Our back-of-a-beermat deliberations eventually distilled down to four simple criteria:

  1. Priced under $100,000
  2. Situated 1 hour from an international airport
  3. Situated 1 hour from an international port
  4. Depressed economy with a likelihood of recovery within a decade

A few places around the world seemed to fit the bill, and the most intriguing was Montevideo in Uruguay. This is the story of our hunt for a suitable apartment, and what we did with it afterwards.

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