Moving the house!

With the foundation posts installed last week, the builders have been working swiftly at the factory to finish the interior of the house. They only had a week to finish up before moving the house 200 km overnight across Tasmania from Westbury, near Launceston, to its final resting place in Kingston, near Hobart.

Yesterday, the tilers finished up the bathrooms, installed the vanities and hooked up the plumbing.

Meanwhile, the cabinet makers assembled the joinery and plumbing in the kitchen and pantry.

The two wings of the house were then separated and lifted onto two low-loaders, which trundled through the night, through the centre of Hobart in the small wee hours, until they reached our plot in Kingston in the early morning.

Now it was just a matter of lifting the two wings onto the pre-prepared pilings…

You can see from the photo that the front of the house isn’t fully clad. This is because there will be a connecting garage in front, but since that will be on a slab, and needs a driveway and crosswalk, it couldn’t be manufactured off site. We believe that this will be built next.

The water and sewage are already in place, and today we spoke to the electrical company about our new account. After that we just need to install the solar heating, the wood stove, the wooden flooring, the raised decks and stairs…

2 thoughts on “Moving the house!”

  1. It all looks amazing, Reinhard. I hope you and your family will be very happy there. Does it mean less world travelling for all of you?

    1. We were going to slow down the world travel a bit while Berrima goes to school, and anyway that’s now been trumped by the pandemic. I doubt that any Australians are going to be moving about much for another year or so!

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