Where are the latest updates?

From the timeline of this blog, you might be forgiven for thinking that nothing has changed here for quite a while. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Since we have temporarily stopped travelling until our daughter is slightly older, I have been filling in some of the gaps on this blog with older tales that I had not previously published. However, I back-date the blogs to the date they actually happened, so they don’t appear at the top of the list like a regular blog would.

This is what I have been working on recently:

Europe by train


1 thought on “Where are the latest updates?

  1. Linh

    Congratulation on your daughter Reinhart. And merry Christmas to your family.

    I wish there is a like button on your blog. Have you ever thought about a public Facebook? That would certainly make it easier for people to follow and share your stories (good stories they are).

    Linh (colledge from your previous life in North Ryde Sydney).


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